Tanker’s adoption story

This my rescue dog, Tanker, a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. We adopted him from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter when he was about 2 years old. His previous owners were getting in a divorce so neither could take him. Eight years later, he now knows over 230 tricks! He knows how to perform household chores and can also paint! He’s been featured in Dog Fancy, is the new face of our local library card, been in the Star Telegram, been to a city council meeting and many other things including earning his Trick Dog Champion title! He is the light of my life and he certainly is my best friend! In this picture, he was hanging out at the library on the day that the new card was released!

Thank you for sharing Tanker’s rescue and adoption story with us, Leah. It’s clear that you have provided Tanker with the love he needed to become a superstar!

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  • Your story is so full of joy and just reading it I could really sense the love you have for your dog, Tanker. Wow, he is a super star. Thanks for sharing your story.

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