TC’s rescue and adoption story

TC was dumped by someone who put a 5-week-old kitten in a trash bag and then put her in a convenience store dumpster! A friend’s brother saw it but did not realize what they had done until he walked by it a few minutes later. He heard this little cry and reached in to get it. She was trying to chew her way out! Since he could not care for her, he called his sister. She had too many and could not take her, so she came to work and asked me and then my husband. He said “yes” (the big softy).

She brought this tiny kitten with her to work and we put her in an office that wasn’t in use. Not too much work was done that night because EVERYBODY kept going in to play with her! My husband came up with her name. He called her Trash Can for how she was found, but we just call her TC.

Thanks for sharing TC’s rescue and adoption story with us, Sue. We’re so glad TC has a loving home now after having such a terrible start.

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