Tex’s Rescue Story

This week, Stacey W. shares the story of how she rescued and adopted Tex, a Great Pyrenees mix, from her local animal shelter.

Tex is a handsome Great Pyrenees mix

I had wanted a collie since I was a little girl, and found one nearby on Petfinder. My husband and I had planned on going in to adopt her on a Monday, but the Friday before someone beat us to her! I was sad, but we still decided to go in and take a look at the other dogs. After passing by all the boxers and pit bulls that I knew were too energetic for me, at the last kennel I locked eyes with a beautiful white fluff ball! He gave me a big smile and I knew we had to bring him home.

We’ve now had him for 2 years and, despite a hard early life, he is a wonderful and sweet dog. He is constantly by my side! Tex has truly never met a stranger and is the sweetest, smartest boy.

Thank you for sharing Tex’s rescue rescue story with us, Stacey; we’re so glad Tex found a loving forever home with you!

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