The Adoption Story of Elvis and Presley

Amy shares Elvis and Presley’s adoption story; they’re an amazing brother and sister pair of Dachshunds:

At the end of 2008, they were a product of our economy. The lady who turned them in to the rescue lost her house. I was searching for a Springer Spaniel for my dad when I came across their picture on their Sunny Oasis Dachshund Rescue and Friends site. It was only one year later when I had lost my Golden Retriever. Never had I adopted a dog before let alone two, so I was really apprehensive. I was in love with my sister’s wiener dog so I knew these dogs would be great. I knew these dogs were not going to last long in the rescue so I had to act quickly. I called my sister because she lived close to were these dogs were being fostered. The next day we went over there and that was it I fell in love with them.

Presley was adopted with her brother Elvis

The hard part was taking them from their foster owner. They cried for him as they were looking out my car window as I pulled away. Watching in my review mirror their foster owner standing in the middle of the street as I pulled away was the hardest thing to see. He was so in love with them. We get to my sister’s house the dogs jumped out of the car took off running down the street. I chased them for blocks and thought to myself I was going to lose them and my $300.

When I rounded them up, buyers remorse started kicking in. I though what did I get myself into now. Although my first couple hours were tough, okay my first few weeks, my long little doggies felt right at home especially when they met their two little humans. My girls were so excited!  Although, they came in to the rescue with the names Prince and Princess their names were changed to Penny and Princeton. We got home and decided to change their names to Elvis and Presley. They were 1 1/2 yrs old so they got used to their new names real quick.

As months went by I started learning more about their different personalities. You would never know that they came from the same litter with two completely opposite personalities. Presley became a mama’s girl. She is my little shadow. Elvis became a lover boy with a big personality (he even won a trophy for the happiest dog at a Cancer Society event).

Discovering hidden talents in Presley as an athletic little weenie I decided to enter her in the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals. This is an event where people race wiener dogs. I had no idea they had such a thing. I came across this when I was looking up how to take care of Dachshunds on the internet. I entered her at Los Alamitos for the fun of it. They pick entries on creativity.  We were one of 97 dogs to be selected to race out of 200 dogs. This events takes place once a year and draws a crowd of 13,000 people. They run the weenie races on the horse track in between the horse races. It’s a fun event and for a great cause. The money raised goes to Seal Beach Animal Shelter. Presley won her heat and then won the finals which we were so stunned. We won $1000, a great dog house and two glass trophies.

I only had Presley and her brother for 8 months prior to Presley making her big debut on the track. You can see the videos on Youtube but who knew this would ever happen for us. This is where Presley’s fame started in the weenie world. Her story was in the newspapers all over the internet and three months later they made her Honorary Grand Marshal in our city’s heritage parade. Presley continues to race and win titles. Elvis proved us wrong! I decided to enter him in a race at the Pet Expo last year. He came in first and won his first trophy. So Elvis is now in the racing circuit with Presley and loves it. Although he is not as fast as her, he is definitely in the top 5 amongst other great racing wiener dogs. Presley also loves boogie boarding in the pool and riding her skateboard. Elvis hates the water. He’d rather eat, chase lizards and play with the big dogs.

Presley has a new published children’s picture book called Geenie and the Weenie Race which is sold all over the world. Just recently she was the racing double for the main dog  Shelly Jack in the movie Wiener Dog nationals coming out mid to late next year. It’s a great family film. Elvis even got to race for the character Handshake. What a great experience that was. Our book was even in it and can be seen being read by the main kid in a scene.

Adopting is the best thing I have ever done. Not just because of the great things that have happened but for the love of doing something great for someone else. I continue to support Sunny Oasis because of giving me two great dogs. After seeing all the hard work they and other rescues do they should be rewarded. Not only do great things happen to those who adopt but I believe it’s the humans that are being saved as well. It’s already been 4 1/2 adventurous years since these two little savages won my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s our story and we are sticking to it! 😉

Thanks for sharing Elvis and Presley’s adoption story with us, Amy.  They sound like special little wiener dogs!

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