The Rescue Story of Brandy

This week, Judy shares the inspiring story of how she rescued Brandy and gave her a loving home for the remaining years of Brandy’s life:

I knew of a beautiful golden retriever living outside her owner’s home in a dog house in the back woods of their home. Every time I’d walk past, she’d bark. I noticed at times no food and no water. Always outside no matter what the weather was. And this was a golden retriever. Every time I went to go pet her she loved it. She’d escape at times, we would play but she always have to go back.  So one day I contacted the HSUS and asked them about rules on keeping pets outside. They suggested I call my local Humane Society. A couple weeks went by and I noticed she was gone. Called the HS finding that they got her. I quickly said I want her. Well, you’re the third in line they said. My heart sank because I wanted her so bad.  I told the HS I’d give them double what anyone would but they couldn’t do that so I had to wait and pray she would come my way.

Knowing how she lived (7  1/2 yrs) I knew I could give her the life a golden deserved. I’d go visit her at the pound and she loved it. She was so happy someone was loving her. She was very dirty too. The owners said she had bad knees and would eventually need surgery. On October 26, 2006 I was at work. Answered the phone, heard animals in the background (immediately knew who was calling) it was the humane society asking if I want her. No one wanted her because of her knees.  She was under weight by 10 pounds  and had whip worms.  So I raced up there so fast and claimed my sweet Brandy. She was 7 1/2 when I adopted her. We had so much fun. Brandy got to live. She played at different parks everyday. Had other golden friends and some other breeds too. Two years ago today I adopted a puppy golden. They bonded well. Brandy had kidney issues when I got her so with the help of my vet, we got her to last till the age 13. It was so hard letting my sweet princess go, and I miss her dearly. but I know I gave her a great life. I revolved my life around hers because she was a senior when I got her and time was short.  5 years 5 months. But in that time Brandy was so wonderful. So spoiled. And most importantly, so loved. I wear her around my neck daily.

Brandy’s knees were never bad. The owners lied, That dog would dig holes so deep And guess what held her butt up, her legs.

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  • Judy Coll says:

    Brandy is my angel. I love and miss her forever. Her paws are on my heart. She is my heart.

  • Colleen says:

    Thank you, Judy, for sharing your story of the true bond of love you gave to & received from Brandy. Thank God for observant people such as yourself and the joy you brought to that sweet dog’s life albeit 5 1/2 years. Your story warmed my heart in light of other sorrowful losses & abuse we hear altogether too much. Thank you!

  • Kim says:

    Beautiful story. Brandy is wagging her tail in Heaven because of you. Her former owners should be arrested!

  • Susan F says:

    Judy, I remember how heartbroken you were every time you witnessed how Brandy was living before you rescued her, and how elated you were to become her Doggy Mom! You gave her such a beautiful life full of love!

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