The Rescue Story of Grace C.

This week, Arlene shares the moving story of how Grace was rescued:

The snowstorm of 2010 was due to hit Delaware on the evening of Feb. 5th and it was supposed to be a big one. Earlier that day my husband was on his way home from the Emergency Operations Center to get some rest after a 12 hour shift before heading back for another shift. When he was almost home he noticed that a car heading in his direction had stopped in the middle of the road and threw out what looked like to him to be a small black trash bag. When the car took off, to his surprise what he had thought was a small black trash bag was actually a puppy and it was running down the middle of the road chasing the car. He was so livid by what just had happened. He couldn’t understand how  people could be so cruel and do such a horrible thing? Fearing that the puppy would get hit by traffic he switched on his emergency lights,stopped the truck, jumped out and began calling to the puppy. The puppy ran to him and jumped right up into his arms. It was trembling with fear, but yet it kept giving him kisses all over his face. My husband held the puppy in his arms the rest of the way home.

When he came through the door he yelled “Hey honey I’m home and look who I picked up along the way”. “Who?”, I asked as I walked into the room. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the beautiful little black puppy in his arms. The little puppy wiggled out of his arms and into mine and started giving me lots and lots of wet puppy kisses. My husband told me his story and said that we needed to find the puppy a home to which I replied,  “We already have.” By the grace of God, he was where he was suppose to be when he was meant to be. So we named our precious little girl Grace C. (the C stands for chiweenie because I think that is her breed).

Little Grace is a good sister to our senior pug, Pugsley and she is the light of our lives. We are so very blessed to have her because she would have never survived the snowstorm. So, to the people who threw her out, we are so glad you threw her our way. You didn’t deserve this precious beautiful little girl anyway.
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