The Rescue Story of Thelma and Louise

This week, Lorraine shares the rescue story of Thelma and Louise:

Thelma and Louise are canine blood donors

In September of 2007 my husband, Bob, and I were living in Ridgecrest, CA. It’s a small town in the middle of the Mojave Desert, close to the foothills of the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, but also about an hour and a half from Death Valley. Early one Sunday morning we were heading out of town on a bike ride. We’d gone a couple of miles when all of a sudden two puppies came running down the hill towards us out of nowhere. To avoid a collision we stopped and quickly realized that they had no collars or tags. What they did have were very smiling faces and wagging tails though! We couldn’t see any people or cars anywhere nearby and we didn’t know how long they’d been out so we gave them all the water from our water bottles (it was before 7am, but already getting HOT!) and decided we’d better take them  home with us. The only problem was that we had our bikes and they were loose, but we had to chance it. We got back on our bikes and rode home – Bob in front encouraging the pups, them in the middle and me bringing up the rear to make sure neither of them ran off or into traffic. Luckily we weren’t terribly far from home and we all made it back safely. Once we got home we gave them another drink and a breakfast of cat food as we didn’t have another dog.

After calling round vets and the animal shelter to find out if anyone was looking for them I put an ad in the local paper and we waited. Luckily for us (I’d already gone out and bought supplies for them and decided on their names!) no one called to claim them, so that was that. We became the proud parents of two beautiful puppies named Thelma and Louise.

They were about 6 months old when we found them and now, almost 5 years later they’re just as adorable. I’ve attached two pics. The first one is of them when we all went to Santa Fe last year and the second is from our visit to the Grand Canyon last month to watch the solar eclipse. Yep – Thelma & Louise have officially been to the Grand Canyon!

Thelma and Louise, the dogs, have even been to the Grand Canyon

Hope you enjoyed their rescue story. We’re certainly very glad about how everything turned out.

And it gets better! We also found out that Thelma and Louise are true heroes by being canine blood donors!

Last year, Thelma and Louise became blood donors with the Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Tucson. It’s something that not many people are even aware of (I only discovered the service by chance), but it’s a great way for pets to help other pets. We’ve been called to the hospital a couple of times now for emergency donations because the girls are universal donors and they’re always looking for more volunteers.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful rescue story of Thelma and Louise with us, Lorraine! Want us to feature your own rescue dog or cat? It’s easy! Just email PetMeds at Be sure to tell us your pet’s adoption story, what makes your rescue pet special, and include a few photos of your special dog or cat.

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  • Jeanine says:


    I’m Jeanine from the Netherlands.
    I was suprised to found another rescue story about Thelma & Louise. I foster 2 girls rescued from Greece and they are called Thelma & Louise too 🙂
    Here u can find the pic’s

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