The Rescue Story of Tigger

This week, we’re featuring the inspiring rescue story of Tigger:

Tigger is a beautiful orange and white cat

A long, long time ago, during the warm month of June, a little kitten was born. He was orange and white, and had dark orange stripes. He lived outside with his cat family. Some of his favorite things to do were chase his friends, roll around in the grass, and of course sleep.  He loved to find a place in the grass where the sun was shining for his afternoon nap.

One day, this little kitten met two humans. They thought he was the cutest little kitten and wanted to adopt him into their family. They already had four other cats that lived with them: Theodore, Tabitha, Toby and Trixie. So that’s what they did. They named this little kitten Tigger. His new parents knew he would have lots of fun with his new family.

Tigger loves his family

Before Tigger could play with the other cats, he had to get checked out by his doctor.  Tigger’s new mom and dad got really sad news about Tigger from his doctor.  They found out that Tigger had feline leukemia.  He became very sick and had to be put in intensive care.  The doctors didn’t think he would make it. His mom stayed with him and just held him for hours at a time. His little eight month old body was filled with IV’s. He stayed there for 4 days.  Tigger got to go home on a snowy Sunday morning. His mom was so excited. She gave him whatever he wanted to eat.  His favorite thing to eat was chicken fingers.

Over the next few days, Tigger got a little stronger. The sad part is he can’t play with his new cat family because he might get them sick too.

Every day, Tigger goes to school where his mom teaches

It’s been 3 years since that hospital stay. Tigger isn’t healed but he is happy and healthy, living in his new home.  Everyday he goes to school where his mom teaches and there are many children that he can play with. These kids love Tigger very much and look forward to seeing him everyday.

Tigger loves children

Tigger is a very special cat. It is our dream to write a children’s book about sickness, like Tigger’s, where Tigger can be an encouragement to these children.

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