The Three Amigos: A Rescue Story

We have three babies that we have rescued but we feel they rescued us. They love unconditionally and are just precious. Introducing on the front porch pic left to right Sissy, Spice and Daisy.

Our first was Sissy, she was left in rental property to die when her previous owners decided she was a throwaway. We got in the house and brought her home to live with us. She is the BOSS of everyone and is fully in charge of every situation. With her big ears nothing misses her.

Next is Spice, she is better known as the big baby of the house. We saw her online and her time at the shelter was nearing an end. She is a very very tenderhearted one. If someone is sick or hurt you can bet Spice is close by keeping her eyes on you. We met her at a pet store and it was love at first sight, even Sissy took to her. She is our 70lbs lap dog .

Next  is Daisy, this is a very sad story. If you look at the pic of her laying on her belly in the yard, that was the evening we rescued her. We had driven by a wooded area for a day and half. I kept hearing a dog bark so I decided to recruit the help of my daughter and we found her tied in the woods to die. We got her loose and she ran. She was terrified of people and after an hour or so I finally was able to get close enough to grab her and load her in the car. Took a few weeks for her to trust us and come close enough to touch her.

Now as you can see from other pic she is thriving doggie and the prankster of the bunch. If there is anything mischievous going on I know Daisy is in the midst. They all have their own special personalities and special place in our hearts. Only problem we have is we really need a king size bed because just as children do they like to be close to mom and dad.
We feel our family of three are the greatest !

Thank you for sharing Sissy, Spice and Daisy’s adoption story with us, Vickie. We think your three amigos are the greatest, too!

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  • alex says:

    What a terrific story of love for three abandoned dogs. Your story makes me realize how many good people there are in this world.

    Right now I have two dogs; Peanut, thrown from a car; and Harry, given up because his owner had died. I’ve had Peanut now over 7 years but Harry is a newbie. He spent much of his life sitting on the lap of his owner who was confined to a wheelchair.

    Harry has a tumor on his chest and cherry eye; but he’s a great little guy.

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