Toby’s adoption story

We had recently lost a jack russell terrier who was a diabetic rescue named Wishbone. After a little while, we felt that our home needed another “furry kid” to keep our middle aged jack russell, Annie, company. Annie didn’t like all dogs, and finding a willing dog would be a challenge.

After weeks of searching for a male terrier that might be a good match, we found a smooth coated fox terrier, mistakenly under jack russell terrier, at a rescue about an hour from us. We chatted with the rescue and filled out the forms, then went for a visit. Toby was a healthy, scared little pup housed next to a BIG coon hound in outdoor runs. He had picked up the coon hound’s baying and was singing and howling in excitement. We never met a terrier that “bayed!”

When the rescuer opened the cage, she warned that he was a “runner” and sure enough, he bolted from the cage and was GONE! We chased him down and caught him, put a leash on and went for a walk. My husband and Toby bonded immediately. Toby was a clown looking for an audience. He apparently never met a lap he didn’t like! He was affectionate, literally SMILED and stole our hearts. We went to talk business to the rescuer and she hesitantly warned us that at only 2 years old, he had been in 4 homes already.  The 1st had a child with allergies. The 2nd had several small kids and 3 dogs, and Toby refused to be housebroken (we think they didn’t have TIME to potty train.). The 3rd couldn’t deal with a difficult dog who was needy and not housebroken and the 4th repeated the problem. She offered us half-off the fees and a few little perks to “try him out” and made us agree to bring him back to the rescue if/when he didn’t work out. She was despairing of him even finding a good home.

We took the challenge.  He rode home beautifully, asleep between us on the front seat with his head in my husband’s lap. When we got home he met Annie, and she was not pleased. She snapped and barked and carried on. Toby took one look, went into submissive mode and lay flat out on the floor, watching her make circles around him. He refused to fight. Just wagged his little docked tail and “SMILED” at her!! After an hour they were sitting together in the same room with no drama. That night they slept together on our bed (although Annie continues to be the boss lady). Oh, and the potty training? Not once in the first 2 weeks did he mess inside the house. He went to the door and patiently waited to be let out. He barked to come in: all he needed was to be loved and watched for his cue to go outside. Oh, and we told him on the ride home that we would work things out, because we are a “forever home”. We don’t give up on anyone here. Toby is a lover and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He makes friends everywhere he goes. And we all lived happily ever after. The End- until the next time.

Thank you for sharing Toby’s adoption story with us, Che! It seems like Toby was just waiting for your family to come along and adopt him, and we’re so glad he fit right in.

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