Tom and Jerry’s Adoption Story

Jean S. shares how she and her husband went to look for a single kitten and ended up welcoming both Tom and Jerry into their home and hearts!

Not really sure who rescued who here.  After the heart-wrenching decision to put our first rescue cat Bella to sleep after her courageous fight against bladder cancer became to much for her to bear, we were heart broken…not seeing her in the house and in all of her usual spots just brought me to tears.  My husband just felt that the house just wasn’t the same without a fur baby in it and pushed me to check out the net and see what cats were out there looking for a home.  I stumbled upon a rescue group on PetFinder that had this adorable male kitten looking for a home.  So we set out to meet him which took us from Yonkers, NY to West New York, NJ.

After a small trip over the bridge to New Jersey we met with the foster mom who invited us in to her home.  I’ll never forget entering the apartment and seeing nothing out of the ordinary.  Once we sat down…these little heads popped out of everywhere.  Two courageous kittens came out to meet a black and white moo kitten named Nugget, and the other this peachy pink baby boy they had named Buff.  As the other kittens saw that we were there to play and not to harm anyone more started revealing themselves….especially the one that caught my eye on the net.  My daughter and son were in love with Buff…I have to admit…so was I.  He was so small and just wanted to cuddle and play all at the same time.

My husband noticed this larger kitten that went by the name of “Giant Baby.” He was a bit timid but loved to play with Buff and once he trusted you loved to just cuddle. The foster mom wasn’t sure if he was ever going to be adopted because of his large size.  My husband was sure he was taking Giant Baby home…he loved everything about him.  I on the other hand wasn’t sure what to do because I was only prepared to bring one kitten home and was torn between the two.  The foster mom assured us that taking both home wouldn’t be a problem and besides, they were best friends…it’d be hard to separate them.  She was right…a few days later we welcomed both Giant Baby and Buff into our home…renamed them Tom and Jerry, and have been in love with both of them ever since.  In our grief over losing Bella we welcomed our hearts to grow in love and couldn’t be happier to have them.

Thank you for sharing Tom and Jerry’s adoption story with us, Jean! We’re glad you decided to adopt them together.

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