Trotter’s adoption story

My wife and I had decided after moving into our first house it was time to adopt a dog. We found a shelter puppy online that we just had to go see for ourselves. When we arrived we were a bit surprised to find a very melancholy and frail puppy, not the playful one we had envisioned. He had only been with the shelter for less than a week and we were told that he had been taken from a home where he was abused. He was very reluctant to do anything, and it broke our hearts. We decided then and there that we were going to take him home, because we had a hard time believing anyone else would adopt a dog who, for lack of a better phrase, “had the life sucked out of him”. Once we got him home, there was a bit of a “warming up” period, but now I dare you to find a happier, more loving, and energetic dog. Trotter just celebrated his 4th birthday!

Thank you for sharing Trotter’s adoption story with us, Danny! We’re glad you decided to adopt him and give him a great home.

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