Wasabi and Ginger’s adoption story

Our cat Sammy was 20.  We agreed to not get any more pets when we didn’t have Sammy any longer.  I went to California to visit my sister.  Her friend is a foster parent for the humane society in Redding.  She was caring for 2 little kittens (brother and sister) of a litter of 4 that had been brought in (two of the kittens did not make it).  I saw these 2 tiny kittens and just fell in love.  I called my husband and asked him what he would do if I brought 2 kittens home.  He said, “that’d be ok”.  I about fainted!  My brother-in-law even had a kennel he had found alongside the road that had evidently fallen out of someone’s truck.  Perfect. By the time I got home, my husband had already made the new kittens their very own first scratching post – a designer cat tree.  Sammy took them in and showed them the ropes and they have been a source of love and fun ever since.

Thank you for sharing the story of how you adopted Wasabi and Ginger, Robin! We’re glad you and your husband decided to open your home to these two needy cats.

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