Zeus’s adoption story

Thirteen years ago, my husband and I were newlyweds looking to adopt a puppy. I went to several shelters, and puppies were scarce. At my last stop, the shelter informed me that they did have a puppy who was five months old but that two families had already returned him because he was very hyper. For this reason, the shelter named him Dennis after “Dennis the Menace.” The puppy was very cute, although energetic, and I decided to adopt him and bring him home. We knew we had to give him a different name so we named him Zeus.

Adopting Zeus was one of the best decisions we ever made. He instantly found his way into our hearts, as all he needed was a good home and lots of love and attention. Zeus is smart, energetic, loving, and very gentle. He has been the perfect pet for our three children we went on to have. We have enjoyed many things with Zeus from having frisbee contests to see how high he can jump to retrieve them, to ball catching in a corn field, to snuggling while watching TV, and have taken many trips with him. Zeus has even saved my life on one occasion. I am a Type I diabetic and suffered a dangerously low blood sugar in the middle of the night when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Zeus detected that something was wrong with me and threw his body against the door of our guest bedroom where my sister was staying in order to wake her up. He then led her to my bedroom where she figured out what was wrong and was able to call 911 to get me the medical attention I needed. Luckily myself and the baby were fine. On many other occasions, Zeus has followed me down to the kitchen late at night while I have had to get a snack or orange juice to help raise my blood sugar. He patiently waits at my side until he feels that I am okay and then will quietly return upstairs to bed.

We feel so fortunate that those two families returned Zeus and feel it was their loss but our gain, as we could not begin to imagine having a better dog in our lives.

Thank you for sharing Zeus’ adoption story with us, Allyson! It sounds like Zeus has been a great addition to your family, and we’re so glad you were able to give him a forever home.

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