Shelter Spotlight: RescueConnect

RescueConnect is a recent recipient of a 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ product donation through our shelter donations program. You can learn about how 1-800-PetMeds Cares here.

RescueConnect, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, was founded in the summer of 2013. Since then, they have helped rescue almost 500 animals. While their focus is on dogs, they also support the cat overpopulation problem in eastern NC by participating in TNR (Trap Neuter Release) efforts to limit their population. Kittens or cats trapped during these efforts that are deemed socialized are then fostered and adopted locally in Wilmington.

At any given time, RescueConnect has about 10 animals in their care. They typically rescue between 175-200 animals annually. Their organization’s model is to work with partners in more populated areas where their dogs are placed for adoption. After coming to RescueConnect, all dogs receive spay or neuter, heartworm screening and treatment if needed, vaccinations and microchips.

In addition to being a traditional rescue, RescueConnect also works to support locals who find homeless animals and people that find themselves with animals they can no longer care for. They help by covering the cost of some medical expenses, providing food, assist with containment problems though supportive fencing options, and generally look for ways to help people keep the animals they may otherwise take to a shelter or rescue.

What makes RescueConnect unique is that they are a small team of people who all have full-time jobs and other personal responsibilities. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, they are all committed to making their community a safer, and better palace for animals to live. Their ultimate goal is to show people that by working together everyone can make an impact on the lives of animals in need and limit the number of euthanized family pets.


Meet Susie! 

Susie was assisted by RescueConnect this year after being hit by a car. After a lot of hard work raising money to cover an expensive and extensive surgery, she is now healed and looking for a FOREVER family! She is up for adoption at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine.

“Susie is a 1 year old Beagle mix who came to us from NC. She is a very tiny girl, only weighing about 12 pounds. She was found as a stray after being hit by a car and had broken legs and a broken pelvis. She underwent surgery and is now as good as new. Susie is a sweet little girl who is good with other small dogs, cats, and children. She is crate trained, but needs a bit more work with housebreaking. Susie likes to play with all kinds of toys and snuggle with her people. Please give Susie a loving home!”


If you would like to adopt one of the pets at RescueConnect or at one of their partner organizations that are looking for a home, please visit their website here and submit an adoption application. RescueConnect is most active on their Facebook page, but can also be contacted via email at

Shelter Spotlight: Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter

Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter is a recent recipient of a 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ product donation through our shelter donations program. You can learn about how 1-800-PetMeds Cares here.

The Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter (FAAS) is a non-profit, volunteer operated, Massachusetts based organization. Since 2003, FAAS has placed thousands of cats and dogs in loving homes in Attleboro and the surrounding area.

At any given time, FAAS can shelter up to 20 dogs and 25 cats. They also house cats and dogs in foster homes which allows their animals to work on their behaviors and heal from any medical treatments. Foster homes are also the best place for nursing moms to feel safe while they nurture their youngsters.

What makes FAAS unique, is their community Kibble Kitchen which commenced in 2017. They provide pet food to members of the community in need, which can make a significant difference in whether a cat or dog stays in their home or is surrendered to the shelter.

FAAS is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers who take great pride in the adoption process. They are fully aware that it is easy to fall in love with all the cats and dogs at their shelter, but all animals and adoptive families have different needs. Thus, they have a thorough adoption process in place to properly match their pets with potential owners. The adoption process even requires applicants to submit veterinary/personal references. These measures are taken to ensure that each adopted animal will receive the love and care that they deserve once they leave FAAS.

Each year, FAAS raises approximately $50,000 through their Fur Ball event! This year’s 15th annual Fur Ball will be held on March 10th, and all funds raised goes toward the shelter’s veterinary expenses. You can find out more about this event on the FAAS website.


Meet Rosie! 

“Pretty as can be and full of life! Rosie, about 6 or 7 years old, has come so far in the last couple months. She came to FAAS as stray with a skin infection that had gone untreated. Not only is her skin almost completely healed, and her fur grown back, but her character has really come out. No longer the shy, scared girl, she is larger than life. Being a Lab mix, Rosie would love an active family and someone who is willing to continue her good manners training. When the play time is over, she enjoys a good couch snuggle. Come visit Rosie, and see that her name is well suited for her personality.”


If you would like to adopt one of the pets at Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter that are looking for a home, please visit their website here and submit an adoption application. FAAS can be contacted via email at, Facebook, or by phone 774-203-1862

Shelter Spotlight: N.E.W. PAWSibilities

N.E.W. PAWSibilities is a recent recipient of a 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ product donation through our shelter donations program. You can learn about how 1-800-PetMeds Cares here.

N.E.W. PAWSibilities is a non-profit dog rescue located in North East Wisconsin. To date, this organization has saved and re-homed close to 9,000 dogs in the past six years! Primarily, all of these dogs have come from one shelter in Kentucky. N.E.W. PAWSibilities has worked tirelessly with the Kentucky shelter to incorporate spay/neuter programs to prevent future unwanted litters.

The mission of the organization is to provide N.E.W. PAWSibilities for dogs, whether it’s for a day, an extended stay, or until they can find their forever homes. They provide training, shelter, medical attention, and love for all dogs in their care. N.E.W. PAWSibilities can house about 75-80 dogs at their facility, and usually shelters between 60-70 at any given time.

A special program that the organization offers is their senior and military discount programs. A dog makes a great companion for the elderly and our servicemen and women who may be adapting back into civilian life. N.E.W. PAWSibilities also offers assistance from their dog trainers who help with any issues that may arise once a dog has been placed in its new forever home.

What makes N.E.W. PAWSibilities unique, is that they utilize income from their doggy daycare, boarding, grooming and retail store to help support their rescue’s mission. These forms of internal fundraising gives people a chance to help the rescue even when they are not seeking to adopt a dog. By getting people in the building for other services, they spread the word and help to bring more people in to adopt and experience the facility.


Meet Bethoven!

“This is Bethoven an active 25lb 10 month old Terrier mix. Bethoven loves to play and wrestle with other dogs and with toys, and he is quick to say hello to new people. Bethoven is social and outgoing and eager to learn. Bethoven kennels well at night and has only really been a barker when playing. Consider this cute boy for your home!”


If you would like to adopt one of the animals at N.E.W. PAWSibilities that are looking for a home, please visit their website here and submit an adoption application. N.E.W. PAWSibilities can be contacted via email at or on Facebook