How You Can Help Donate to An Animal Shelter

Donating to a shelter is more than just monetary

Animal shelters depend heavily on donations given by animal lovers and pet parents just like you. Although monetary donations are certainly helpful to rescue groups, you can also help by donating many other items. As with shelters for the homeless, basic necessities and everyday products such as pet meds, warm blankets and other pet supplies are extremely important in maintaining healthy and happy animals.

If you are interested in donating to an animal shelter in your area, view the list below to help you come up with ideas of what your local group may need. Although this list will help you think of possible ideas, you may want to contact your shelter first to see if they accept or need these items.

  • Pet Food – Donating both wet and dry cat and dog food is a big help to shelters and their animals. Food and water bowls are also always in demand. Also, consider donating treats to your local shelter. It’s always a good idea to check with the shelter first to see if they have a food preference or if they will accept open items, to avoid donating something they cannot use.
  • Blankets and towels – Blankets and towels can be used to keep pets warm, provide a sleeping surface or help clean up any messes the animals may make.
  • Grooming: Dog and cat grooming items like brushes and nail clippers are sure to please almost any shelter. Pet shampoos are also an item to consider.
  • Leashes and collars – Shelters can go through many leashes, especially since they are sometimes given to the owner of an adopted pet. For this reason, leashes and collars in different sizes can always be useful.
  • Cat litter and litter boxesCat litter is an ongoing expense for all cat owners, and donations are sure to help your local shelter. Extra litter boxes can always help too, since dirty litter boxes typically have to be scrubbed by hand before they can be reused, making it necessary to always have clean spares on hand.
  • Newspaper – Instead of hauling your newspaper for recycling, see if your shelter needs any. It’s often used in cat litter boxes or to line the inside and bottoms of crates to make clean up easier.
  • Toys – Being caged up all day can cause animals to get depressed. By donating toys, you can help provide comfort and mental stimulation. Just check with your shelter to see if they accept these or not.
  • Time – Even if you don’t think that you have any tangible objects to offer your local shelter, ask about volunteering. Many of the pets in shelters need attention and care just like any other pet.

Donate Money to Support Homeless and Needy Animals

If you feel more comfortable donating money to help support animal rescue, below are a few nationally known organizations in need. You can also search for local rescues and shelters to donate to.