2015 Change a Pet’s Life Contest

The PetMeds Change a Pet's Life Contest

In January 2015, PetMeds Cares™ celebrated Change a Pet’s Life Day by holding a contest for adoptable pets. Shelters and rescues entered adoptable pets in need of medical treatment into the contest and encouraged their communities to vote. The winner was a middle-aged pug named Gorilla.

Gorilla was dropped at the shelter right before Christmas and was in rough shape. Pug Rescue Austin quickly saved him and got him to a vet. He was grossly overweight, was blind as a result of dry eye, had difficulty breathing due to an elongated palate, and had severely infected and abscessed teeth. He needed oral and airway surgery to correct his soft palate and remove the infected teeth, but the cost was prohibitive.

Gorilla at the vet's office

Since Gorilla won the Change a Pet’s Life Contest, he got both surgeries he needed, and PetMeds Cares™ took care of the bill. The rescue placed him in a foster home and after a change in diet and some added exercise, the excess weight started to come off. After Gorilla fully recovered from both surgeries, he was adopted and is now happily living with his forever family.

To learn more about Gorilla and his story, visit this post about him on the PetMeds blog.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest for helping to change Gorilla’s life.

Update: March 2016

From Pug Rescue Austin and Gorilla’s forever family:

Gorilla, a year after his adoption.

Gorilla’s parents said that he has had some issues and was diagnosed with vestibular disease but is “a fighter” and doing much better now. They described him as “the same fluffy love bug” he has always been and noted that he continues to take “great joy in meal time.”

His family continues to express a lot of appreciation for what PetMeds did for him and mentioned that the airway surgery in particular has significantly improved his quality of life. Since he is mostly deaf and blind, “his sniffer is his one link to everything.” Gorilla’s parents love him dearly and said that they are so “glad we decided to make him part of our family.”