2016 Change a Pet’s Life Contest

The 2016 1-800-PetMeds Change a Pet's Life Contest

The second annual Change a Pet’s Life Contest ended January 20, 2016, and three adoptable pets received grants for the medical care they needed.

The first-place winner was an English bulldog named Regina from the National Mill Dog Rescue. She was a puppy mill breeder for the entirety of her life before being rescued by NMDR. At 4-years-old, she had produced litter after litter of puppies before being handed over to the rescue for some much-needed medical care and love.

Regina needed dental work, hernia repairs, mammary tumor removal and spay surgery when NMDR first rescued her. Upon beginning her surgeries, the rescue also realized she had previously been sutured with fishing line, causing her infection and pain. The Change a Pet’s Life Contest grant from PetMeds Cares™ paid for a second surgical hernia repair and the additional care she required.

Regina, winner of the 2016 Change a Pet's Life Contest

Regina has now fully recovered and has been adopted. To learn more about Regina and the National Mill Dog Rescue, please visit this post on the PetMeds’ blog.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest for helping to change Regina’s life.

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