PetMeds Spotlight: Alter-Ations

Alter-Ations Inc. was formed in the summer of 2004 by a small group of women who, after volunteering many years at local shelters, knew there was a better way of finding homes for all the unwanted dogs and cats in Vernon County, Wisconsin. Reduce their numbers! In other words – Spay and Neuter!

With the assistance of local veterinarians, a voucher program was started, and in the last 6+ years, almost 700 dogs and cats have been altered. The cat voucher program was discontinued in late 2010 because of the opening of their CATsNIP Clinic in early 2011 and they hope to spay or neuter 2-3 times as many cats in 2011 as they did in 2010. Their dog voucher program for residents of Vernon County is still in operation.

Spay/Neuter IS the Solution to our pet overpopulation problem. It benefits the pet, the pet owner, and the community!

Their Vision is for every companion dog and cat in our area to have a loving home, and every farm and colony cat to have food, shelter, and loving caretakers.

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