PetMeds Spotlight: Applying Topical Flea Treatments

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on properly applying flea treatments.  Aside from the directions from the manufacturer, there are a couple of other pointers that can be used in specific instances. 

For a dog that wont sit still for very long, or for pets with long hair, you might consider applying the medication to more than one spot.  Often times the medicine is suggested to be applied to a single spot between the shoulder blades so the pet can’t turn around and lick it.  This can still be accomplished around the same area.  Choosing two or three spots away from one another,  to avoid the pet laying down on it’s back or having long hair wick the medicine away from the skin, will still allow for the medicine to be absorbed through the skin.

For pets that are skittish to the medication, you can always try what I do at home and wait for feeding time.  My dog puts his head down to eat, and I am able to apply the medicine between his shoulder blades without him looking up at all.  How do they always know it’s time for their medicine?

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