Are Laser Toys Safe For Cats?

Most cats enjoy playing with laser toys.

Most cats have great fun with laser-type toys, chasing and trying to capture the elusive red dot. This type of toy can also be a great way for the pet parent to interact with the cat.  Have you ever worried whether this type of toy is safe for your cat?

Laser toys are generally safe as long as you are careful not to shine the light directly into your cat’s eyes. However, the main concern when your cat plays with a laser toy is the frustration for your cat of never actually “catching” the prey. After stalking, chasing and pouncing, your cat is left empty-pawed, every time. You can avoid this frustration by providing a toy your cat can actually capture and “kill” such as a toy mouse, at the end of your laser toy play session.

Another concern is playing safely with the laser toy. Some cats become so focused upon the red dot, they will chase it anywhere, even directly into a wall. As the operator of the laser toy, just be aware of where you direct the beam, because your cat is sure to follow. Also, some cats will chase the red dot to exhaustion. While exercise is healthy for your cat, be sure to monitor your cat while playing with the laser toy and provide rest breaks if your cat begins panting or seems out of breath.

Do your cats enjoy playing with laser toys?

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