Pet Vaccinations: Are They All Really Necessary?

Vaccinations are not only a growing concern for parents but for pet owners, as well.  The list just seems to keep growing and growing with more vaccines and booster shots as the years go by.  The good news is that there are growing numbers of veterinarians who are willing to question the effectiveness and need for these vaccines and who are willing to explore alternatives.

Dr. Cathy Alinovi has been exploring alternative medicines for pets and has contributed a lot of important information to the cause.

Dr. Karen Becker is becoming quite well known as a holistic veterinarian.  She doesn’t just take the information that pharmaceutical companies push; she questions everything and does her own research.  In her practice, she teaches pet owners better ways to care for their pets without all the medications.

Dr. DePaolo is another holistic veterinarian out of Texas who works with horses and small animals.  He has discovered many facts about animal vaccines and has shared many of his opinions and findings.

Dr. Laurie Coger has over 20 years of experience in the field and most of it has focused on natural remedies and alternative medicines. She believes that most dogs have been over-vaccinated and that they have more than needed immunities to protect them from diseases.   She believes that modern vaccines are very effective and that annual boosters are not only harmful but provides no added benefits for dogs who have already been vaccinated.

Dr. Katy Nelson has been a veterinarian for over 11 years and continually tries to enlighten dog owners about vaccine truths.  She finds it frustrating that there are so many laws and regulations regarding vaccines that cannot be bypassed.  There are a lot of states that mandate yearly vaccines in order for owners to register pets.  She also addresses the fact that it’s not in the best interest of the drug companies to recommend using the vaccines every three years rather than yearly.

It’s a shame that the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies is more important than the health of our dogs. It’s no different in the animal kingdom than in the real world; money makes the world go ‘round.  When it comes to vaccinating your pets, a lot is dictated by your individual budget and your moral beliefs.  With a little bit of investigating, you can decide which vaccines are necessary and which could be passed on.  Many vaccines would be nice to have but might be completely out of your budget. Some things like rabies vaccines are absolutely necessary if you need to get a dog license; it’s also free in most towns on certain dates.  There are always options to choose from and information to be read, so keep your eyes and ears open in order to make the most informed decision possible.

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