Pet meds Spotlight: Aspirin for dogs

Today’s Pet meds Spotlight is on Aspirin for dogs, specifically Vetrin Aspirin.  Vetrin Aspirin for dogs is used as a canine arthritis pain reliever. Its also used to relieve fever and inflammation associated with joint problems. It comes in a chewable artificial roast beef and natural liver flavored tablet that dogs love. It also comes in a snap and chew treat size for large and giant breeds. 

The active ingredient in Vetrin is a buffered aspirin, which is gentle on your pets stomach. Just as aspirin is a simple and reliable treatment for humans, dogs find relief from pain associated with various joint or arthritic issues.

Vetrin Aspirin for dogs is a non-prescription (OTC) product available in 100mg and 325mg artificial roast beef and natural liver flavored chewable tablets.

The recommended dose is 8 to 12mg per one pound of body weight (approximately one tablet per 30-40 lbs) every 12 hours.

Speak with your vet prior to administering any medication.

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