Benefits of a Pet Stroller

There are lots of reasons why a stroller might be beneficial for your pet.

Because dogs derive great benefit from exercise such as walking with you, why might you consider purchasing a pet stroller?  There are actually a number of valid reasons why a pet stroller can be a useful product for you and your pet.

Small dogs and puppies may become tired before you are finished walking.  So that you can continue your walk, you can simply place your tired pooch in the stroller to finish your walk.  Similarly, older dogs may have less endurance or suffer from painful joint conditions which limit the amount they are able to comfortably walk.  You can use a stroller for ill or injured dogs, so they can still enjoy fresh air and time with you while recovering from their illness or injury.  A pet stroller may also be used to take your pet with you to outdoor events, while keeping them safe and secure from crowds and other pets. Many cats also enjoy experiencing the outdoors from the safety of a stroller.

There are lots of different pet strollers.  Typically, they are similar to strollers for children, except that the main compartment zips securely shut, and there should be a tether inside the stroller cabin.  There are usually several mesh windows so your pet can easily see out and enjoy the outdoor smells.

Be sure to select a stroller that is the proper size for your dog or cat. Next, consider the usage your stroller is likely to receive.  There are strollers designed for jogging, some meant for use on rough terrain, and some meant to be light and easily portable such as the Ultra Lite Pet Stroller. The Expedition Pet Stroller can hold up to 145 pounds and can be used for large dogs or several smaller pets.

Until your pet gets used to traveling in the new stroller, take short trips to quiet areas.  Placing a familiar toy or blanket in the stroller cabin can be comforting.  With time, most pets learn to associate the stroller with a fun outing and look forward to their time in the stroller. Walking your pet with a stroller is sure to be a conversation starter, too!

Have you considering a stroller for your pet?

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