Calm during a storm

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on keeping your dog calm during a storm.  We are based in Pompano Beach Florida, and with Hurricane Irene spinning off shore, we are still getting bands of rain. 

Keeping your pet at ease during a thunderstorm can include medication for the real jittery, but for the best results, consider the things that put you at ease as well.  If you work from home, consider a radio station that may be a little on the “Elevator Music” side and turn it up to overcome the sounds of thunder.  The TV can be turned up as well if you leave your pet home during the day and you know there may storms approaching.

Working on a new trick with treats as rewards is another way to keep them distracted.

Natural supplements that induce relaxation should be considered a first step if nothing else works, and once all natural remedies have been exhausted, consider speaking to your vet about something a little stronger.

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