Can Pet Health Insurance Lower Vet Fees?

You may not have known about it, but insurance for your pet’s health has been around for a long time. Not until recently, when pet owners are more willing to spend for their pets, did pet health insurance become better acknowledged. Though some pet parents are still against pet insurance due to some limitations of the policies, there are many who pay the premiums to make sure their furry friends are covered.

Can pet insurance lower veterinary fees?

Are the premiums worth it?

Just like human insurance, you pay for monthly premiums for your dog or cat. Pet insurance premiums average about $100 a year, depending on the type of insurance plan you are taking for your pet. Some just shrug about the idea of getting their furry pal insured, but later regret not getting a plan for their pets.

These days, veterinary fees and pet hospitalization prices are astronomical, so more and more pet owners resort to insurance to help cover these expenses, and are looking for the best insurance plan for their pets. Not only that, they also want to make sure that their furry kids get the best medical attention possible when they get sick, or develop a disease.

What is the coverage of a pet health insurance?

There are different packages available depending on the insurance company offering the health insurance for your pet. You have to consider your budget, but do not expect too much coverage if you are only paying minimally.

Companies offer different plans for your pet’s insurance. Some offer to cover a lot of your pet’s medical care like annual check-ups and vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, routine checkups and preventive medications (e.g. heartworm disease). You can also get accident claims in case your pet gets injured during one of your trips. Also, if you have more than one pet, you may even get your second pet an insurance package with a reduced rate.

Face the Limitations

Okay, so not everything will be covered. Some insurance companies will put down into lengthy words their specific policies, which may say for example, that they don’t want to cover your German shepherd when he develops hip dysplasia. Yes, there are companies who do not give assistance for breeds which have a higher tendency to develop illness. There are certain limitations to pet health insurances just like human health insurances.

Some packages for pet insurances begin their policies for pets aged 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes there are no age limits and there are also times when companies don’t offer coverage for pre-existing illnesses. If you are about to get your pet insured, make sure you have compared plans and packages from different companies for both you and your pet’s benefit.

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