Car and Travel Accessories for Pets

Dogs are not only our companions around the house. There are times when you go on vacations, road trips and travels that you just can’t leave your furry friends behind. For that reason, dog harnesses and dog car seats are available so you can protect your dog during your journey.

What safety harnesses are offered to keep your dog on the back seat or on the bed of your truck? Well, certainly there are different types of harnesses designed to keep your dog well-protected. Not only is it important to keep them from harm, so why not find out what you can buy for your pup?

Car accessories for dogs like car seats, carriers, kennels, and crates can help make traveling a little safer than letting your pet roam around in the car

Types of Dog Travel Accessories

  • Dog seat belts – these are harnesses that keep your dog safe on his or her seat. You can now buckle your dog with this harness which works with your car seat belt. Some are even multi-purpose and doubles as a walking leash.
  • Tether system – if you want your pet out in the open, you can use what are known as hammocks for the back seat. These are mainly used to protect the back seats; however, they can also help with car sickness.

These are the two types of dog harnesses that you can use when you are traveling with your dog. With the increasing number of pet parents traveling around with their pooches, it is important to spread the word about the use of pet travel accessories.

Why Use Dog Seats?

There are plenty of reasons why your dog needs security when traveling; it’s not only for their own protection but for everyone else inside the vehicle.

First, it’s important to concentrate on your driving. With the noise your kids may make, you do not need a furry creature to be tossing and turning in the back seat as well. Second, if a crash or sudden stop occurs, your dog does not become endangered as much as he or she would be if secured in a car seat.

Finally, it will keep your pet in place when the first emergency responders come to the scene of an accident. If you don’t want to keep your dog tied to a dog car seat, kennels, carriers, and some dog crates are also portable to be used in cars.

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