Careers for the Dog Enthusiast

With the start of a new year, many people who are disenchanted with their lifestyles might be dreaming of a new occupation or skill that would enrich the quality of their lives. There are also many people just entering the work force who would love to work with dogs but don’t know where to begin. Well, this article is for all those people who are lovers of the four-footed, fuzzy-headed variety.

There are many ways to work with dogs for a living. There are always ups and downs in the fields of animal-related jobs; you are usually required to witness a bit of pain or illness and the pay is usually low. However, making a difference in the life of an animal was never as easy as it is rewarding. Put all of your reservations aside and ponder the many ways that you can improve a dog’s life:

Animal Behaviorist
Behaviorists work with animals and with owners to create a way to communicate and understand each other’s needs and wants. Applied Animal Behaviorists have advanced degrees and have undergone extensive training; they are the psychologists of the animal kingdom. Veterinary Behaviorists and licensed vets can prescribe pet medications, just like a psychiatrist would a human.

The most difficult part of this job is that is can be frustrating since many dog owners don’t take their pet’s mental health seriously.

Doggie Day Care
This is a great job if you have the space. Opening a doggie spa, salon, boarding kennel, or day care is a great way to take care of animals while their owners are at work or on vacation. It’s an important job because the dogs really need you to comfort them and provide affection and care while their family cannot. It’s nice because usually only healthy dogs are permitted, so you don’t need to worry about being upset or caring for sick or injured dogs or dogs with serious behavioral problems. You don’t need a ton of experience or college degrees for this job and lots of dog owners will need your service, especially in an urban setting.

The best part of this job is that you get paid to play with dogs. The worst part is that you will need a lot of space.

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  • Dianna Kennedy says:

    I will be volunteering at a local animal shelter beginning this month! I cannot wait to start !

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