Shelter Spotlight: Caring Hearts Small Breed Rescue – Fairfax, VA

Caring Hearts Small Breed Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Fairfax, Virginia. Their volunteers rescue small breed dogs from desperate situations, including neglect, puppy mill rescue, owner surrender, and impending euthanasia by animal shelters due to overpopulation. All of their rescued dogs stay in safe foster homes while they await their forever home. They examine and spay/neuter all dogs before placement and give all necessary inoculations.

At Caring Hearts Rescue, they firmly believe that there is a home out there for every dog – even those that take a little longer to place with the right match. Many of their rescue dogs come from neglected backgrounds, and most need rehabilitation to get them to an adoptable state. Their foster families work to provide all rescue dogs with love and a positive environment that will help the dogs transition into their forever homes. They also work closely with veterinarians to make sure that all dogs are medically stable before adoption. They make sure to follow recommendations by expert vets, and they take care of all necessary dental work. It is their goal to make sure that none of their rescue dogs will suffer from dental disease.

Their volunteers search for families that understand the responsibility of being a Guardian to these little guys and consider each dog a member of the family. This is a priority to their organization. They are dedicated to providing as much information about the rescue dogs as possible to the potential new families. Foster families work hard to provide accurate information about house training status so all adoptions applicants will know how long each dog can go without being let outside for a break. They also work closely with all adoption applicants, giving them as much information as possible, to make sure that the adoption will be successful and the rescue dog will truly have a loving forever home.

Caring Hearts Rescue relies on donations to keep the rescue operating. None of their Officers receive money for their services – only the heartfelt satisfaction of saving many wonderful lives.

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