Cat Cafés

Cat cafés are becoming very popular, especially in Japan.

Have you ever heard of a cat café?  No, it is not a place where cats gather for tea and coffee!  A cat café is a special café where people can go to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and also watch, enjoy and play with the cats that reside at the café.

The very first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998, and cat cafés have been gaining in popularity ever since. Cat cafés are especially popular in Japan, perhaps because many apartment-dwellers are not allowed to keep pets in their apartments.

Cat cafés are licensed and pay careful attention to the welfare of the resident cats. Most cat cafés charge an hourly fee based upon how much time the patron spends at the cat café.  Visitors to a cat café are required to wash and sanitize their hands, and may then interact with the cats or just relax and observe the cats.

Cats are definitely the stars at these establishments and many cat cafés have posted rules about cat interactions, such as prohibiting waking a sleeping cat.  I am hoping cat cafés become popular in America so I can visit one myself!

Would you be interested in visiting a cat café?

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  • joyce carr says:

    this is so cool i love cats .it would be a great idea.

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