Certifect For Dogs

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on Certifect For Dogs, a topical flea & tick product administered monthly. It is from the makers of Frontline Plus but slightly different in that it has been enhanced with amitraz, to kill fleas quicker and more effectively.

Certifect is similar in effect with K9 Advantix, but does not have the advantage of killing and repelling mosquitoes like K9 Advantix.

Begins killing ticks on dogs in 6 hours and kills up to 100% of ticks in 18 hours, adult fleas, plus eggs and larvae

Waterproof, but can only be used with extreme caution in households with cats, amitraz is deadly to cats

Pending state EPA registration approval, Certifect cannot be shipped to California, New York or New Jersey as of this posting.

Certifect For Dogs

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