Shelter spotlight: Charm City Animal Rescue

Charm City Animal Rescue was the third-place winner of our Spring into Action Spay/Neuter Contest. You can learn more about the contest here.

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According to the ASPCA, only 37 percent of cats entering shelters in the US are adopted. This leaves approximately 2 million cats each year facing euthanasia or life in a shelter. Groups like Charm City Animal Rescue are working to change these statistics and improve the lives of cats in their communities.

Charm City Animal Rescue was founded in Baltimore City, Md. in 2009 to rescue cats in crisis. According to the group’s Spring into Action Spay/Neuter Contest entry, these cats “could be sick or injured, on a kill list at a shelter, or about to lose their home(s).”

The group focuses on cats that have no other means of rescue and will care for these cats until they find their forever homes. For example, Charm City Animal Rescue currently has four siblings in rescue, all of whom have cerebellar hypoplasia (affecting balance) and FIV. Two of the cats are also blind. These cats may not have had the chance to be adopted had they been in a shelter.

The rescue cats houses its more than 150 adoptable cats in foster homes around Baltimore, Md., and in its adoption center in Cumberland, Md. In doing this, Charm City saves and adopts out close to 300 cats each year.

Charm City Animal Rescue also assists with community spay/neuter initiatives.

“In our community, we’ve taken on the task of helping several very low income trailer parks with getting their owned and community cats spayed and neutered. This project has been massive, as one trailer park alone has over 100 cats, all of whom are very sick.”- Charm City Animal Rescue’s Spring into Action Spay/Neuter Contest entry.

Charm City Animal Rescue's entry photo for the Spring into Action Spay/Neuter Contest

Spay/neuter programs such as this one are often the only way for a community to combat high feline overpopulation and lower the number of cats entering shelters. These programs also help keep the cats healthy by vaccinating them and treating any injuries or sicknesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of spay/neuter, visit the ASPCA’s site on homeless pets here.

Charm City Animal Rescue is a cat rescue located in Cumberland, Md.  To learn more about Charm City Animal Rescue and its adoptable cats, please visit the group’s website or email charmcityanimals(at)

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