Chicken bones and dogs

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on chicken bones and feeding them to dogs.   As anyone who feedsa raw diet can tell you, bones are  a part of the regular diet.  Raw bones, when chewed up, have a tendency to dissolve easier.  They still contain the moisture that is natural in bones, and the marrow is very nutritional.

Cooked bones have had the moisture driven out of the bones, and when chewed can splinter.  This can cause a blockage, or tear in the digestive track.  This is a serious condition that can lead to death, and if you think your dog might have gotten into the garbage and ate the chicken wing bones from the night before, it’s important to monitor your pet for regular bowel movements.  If you suspect anything, making a trip to the vet for an x ray can save the agony and expense of a surgery.

My grandmother, when she came to visit us as a child, fed the entire cooked chicken bones to both dogs we had at the time.  I can remember my mother getting upset but my grandmother reminded her of something she was shown as a child with their pet.  When they thought a bone had gotten stuck, they fed the dog some cotton dipped in honey.  The honey is very sticky and sweet and the dog eats it without hesitation, and the cotton is supposed to “wrap around” and grab whatever piece of bone is causing the blockage and allow it to be passed with a bowel movement.

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