Choosing the Best Bed for Your Dog

Most dogs appreciate a cozy bed to call their own.  The right dog bed can provide your pet with a sense of security, warmth and comfort.  Pet beds come in many different styles and materials to fit your dog’s needs as well as your décor. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a pet bed:

Bed Type: There are several basic bed types, including orthopedic mattress beds, donut/bolster beds, heated beds, and cot-style beds. Orthopedic mattress beds provide great support and are good for older dogs, or dogs with joint pain.  A mattress-style bed is also a good choice for a dog that likes to sprawl out when sleeping.  A bolster bed is a good choice for a dog that prefers to curl up.  The raised sides of a bolster make the bed feel nest-like, and provide a feeling of security for your dog.  Dogs in colder climates as well as dogs with joint pain will appreciate a heated dog bedCot-style beds are the best choice for outdoor use.

Your dog: First consider your dog’s sleeping habits as well as his size.  Does he prefer to curl up when sleeping, or does he like to stretch out?  Measure your dog when he is sleeping in his favorite position, and then add about 6 inches to that measurement.   If you select a bolster-bed, you will select the bed based upon the interior dimension, which is the actual sleeping area of the bed.

Bed Material: To prolong the life of your pet’s bed, look for a bed with a removable, washable cover.  Bigger dogs will need a bed covered with a sturdier material.   Many pet parents look for a pet bed that coordinates with their home décor.  Look for a dog bed with a firm, supportive filling that will not get compressed over time.

Your dog will appreciate the effort you spend finding the perfect bed.  Most importantly, most dogs want their beds placed as close to you as possible.

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