PetMeds Spotlight: Cleaners

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on household cleaners.  You should know the habits of your pets and if they might take a sip from a water-source in the house when no one is looking.  For example, your toilet, some pets might take a sip and if your using a cleaner that gets added to the tank or on the rim of the toilet, it cause real harm to your pet.

All cleaners should be in a location where your pet can’t get to it, but also the ones you choose should be pet friendly as well.  When something is being cooked and bubbles off the stove and drop hits the floor a pet may come to lick up the area and with it come the residue of the cleaner you use for the floor.

There are many cleaners that are available that are pet and baby friendly, keep it in mind next time you make your selection.  The difference in price can be the difference in going to the vet.

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