PetMeds Spotlight: Connecticut Labrador Rescue Inc

They rescue animals from owners who can no longer keep their dogs, or just do not know how to handle them. They rescue from shelters also, mostly south of New Jersey and Maryland. For some reason, spaying and neutering is not considered important, thus creating numerous homeless animals, which in turn causes the need for rescue. With the economy They are seeing larger numbers of dogs needing to be rehomed than ever before. Divorces were bad but foreclosures and people and families facing homelessness is becoming an epidemic. They fight the tide of sadness by doing what they can.

They cover an immense area, mostly the east coast. They have been as far north as Maine and as far south as Georgia. All their vehicles have seen some ungodly mileage.  They bring the dogs or pups in after getting basic vetting. The people they work with do an excellent job, and some actually hold them for a 2 week quarantine, so the dogs are not at risk of contagious diseases, be it a virus, kennel cough, or something deadly to a pup.

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