Cost of Pet Care: Money Owners Are Willing To Spend

Taking good care of their pets is a top priority for most pet owners, thus ensuring the well-being and good health of their pets, even if it means countless visits to the veterinarian.

The price of one visit to a vet varies based upon the pet’s specific needs and conditions. While some pets need more treatment, others hardly have need for any veterinary treatment at all.  Nonetheless, last year most pet owners spent an average of $505 for veterinary care, and more than $1000 if their pets were seriously ill.

Despite the economy, a new poll found taking care of their pets is still a top priority for most.

According to a new poll…

Whether the economy is in crisis or not, pet owners still insist on taking their pets to a veterinarian for a health consultation. Most of the pet owners trust that their veterinarians are not overpricing any treatment. Moreover, they believe that vets do not recommend unnecessary treatments just for the sake of higher payments.

For pet owners who have pets that are seriously ill, they spend an average of $1092 for vet care. Though it’s a bit pricey, pet owners suppose that vets do what’s best for their pets; hence, they accept this as the reasonable price for their pets’ care.

With pet owners whose household incomes are over $50,000, they take their pets to the vet more than those whose household incomes are below $50,000.  Not all can afford to pay for a veterinarian. With this kind of situation, pet owners will just take their pets when they are really sick. These pet owners do believe that their pets’ health is of importance also. While they definitely dislike the fact that their pets’ health may be disregarded because of their financial situation, they have no other alternative.

Cats or dogs…

Both dog owners and cat owners visit veterinarians for their pets’ health. However, dog owners visit vets more often than cat owners. Surprisingly, with an average of $558 for cat owners and $537 for dog owners, cat owners spend more than dog owners.

While there are some pet owners who believe that they do not need to take their pets to the veterinarian at all, 8 out of 10 pet owners took their pets to the veterinarian in the past year.

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