Could Your Dog Benefit From Super Joint Enhancer?

One of our most popular products is PetMeds’ exclusive Super Joint Enhancer. What exactly is Super Joint Enhancer, and could it benefit your dog?  This product is a daily supplement containing glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, that helps your dog maintain healthy joints. It is specifically formulated for dogs in a pork and beef flavored chewable tablet that dogs love. Our customers have rated this product 4.6 out of 5 stars based upon a total of 501 customer reviews.

Signs that your dog might  need a joint supplement:

Pets have a high pain threshold, and may not show signs of pain until it becomes more severe; the instinct to hide signs of pain or weakness is an adaptation that helped our dogs’ wild ancestors survive.  Signs that your dog could have joint pain may include: slowing down, or a reluctance to get up; limping; whining or crying; irritability when being touched; or lack of interest in playing. You might notice your dog no longer eagerly jumps up to join you on the sofa or bed. While many pet parents assume their dog is becoming slower due to age, this may actually be a sign of joint pain.

How does Super Joint Enhancer work?

Glucosamine is naturally produced within the body and is a building block of healthy cartilage. When your dog takes an oral joint supplement, the glucosamine is absorbed in the body, where it helps restore, regenerate and lubricate your dog’s joints, increasing mobility. Super Joint Enhancer also contains MSM and chondroitin, which work in synergy with glucosamine to provide an even more potent effect on your dog’s joint health. Because glucosamine has an anti-inflammatory effect, it also helps to reduce pain without the use of NSAIDS which may have side effects.

Signs that Super Joint Enhancer is helping your dog:

It can take a few weeks for you to really notice the healing effects of a joint supplement on your dog. In time, you will notice that your dog is more active and playful, is able to jump and climb stairs more easily, and seems generally happier.

How much Super Joint Enhancer should I give my dog?

The maintenance dose for Super Joint Enhancer is: ¼ tablet once per day for dogs under 10 pounds, ½ tablet once per day for dogs 11 – 24 pounds, 1 tablet once per day for dogs 25 – 100 pounds, and 2 tablets once per day for dogs over 100 pounds. If your dog has never taken a joint supplement before, start with an initial loading dose of double this amount for the first 6 weeks, then gradually reduce over a 3 week period down to the maintenance dose.

Has your dog tried a joint supplement? What has been your experience?

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  • LIA FUQUA says:

    My English bulldog Hank is 1 year old and we were very suprised when we noticed him limping and just moving a lot slower than usual. He became irritable if we touched him. We knew right off it must be something with his hips, which is a highly common in english bulldogs. We tried the super joint enhancer and within 3 weeks we noticed a huge difference. No more limping and moving tons more better, running, jumping (which we try to restrict regardless). He is overall just a more happier dog now that he has taken the joint enhancer. He is now down to just one pill a day. I will continue to buy this product for him as it just makes for a better quality of life for our big guy. We love you buddy and would do anything for you!

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