Crouching doogie, hidden ailment

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on hidden ailments, or things that might be bothering your pet, but are not immediately noticeable.

A pet that is reluctant to jump onto or down from the couch, intermittently licking paws, scratching or rubbing an area of themselves repeatedly can be symptoms of a bigger issue, like arthritis, allergies, or dry skin.

Spending time with your pet and bringing up these issues with your vet can really make a difference in the mood of your pet as well.  I know when a tooth has bothered me and I couldn’t eat like I usually do, I’m no treat to be around; the behavioral issues your pet may displaying may be connected to something else that is troubling them.

A small change in diet, daily aspirin, or tooth care may be the key to a happier pet.

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