Daycare for Your Dog

Your dog can have fun in Doggie Daycare and learn socialization skills.

“Doggie Daycare” is similar to daycare for children, in that it provides a supervised and safe facility where you can leave your dog under the care of trained staff. Daycare for dogs has been around since 1987, and is becoming increasingly popular as people with busy work schedules want to provide the best environment for their beloved pets during the day, while they are at work.

There are many benefits to daycare for your dog, the biggest being that most dogs love it!  Dogs get to socialize and play with other dogs, rather than staying home alone. They learn socialization skills and how to get along with many different kinds of dogs.  In addition to the social interaction and mental stimulation, dogs in daycare usually get lots of exercise and return home with excess energy already expended.

The benefit to the pet guardian is peace of mind from knowing that their furry buddy is in a supervised environment and having fun, rather than being home alone and bored.  A dog left alone for most of the day is more likely to develop problem behaviors.

Doggie Daycare is not right for every dog.  Very shy or elderly dogs may become overwhelmed by an environment filled with romping, energetic dogs.  Aggressive dogs, or dogs that do not get along well with other dogs, are usually not good candidates for daycare.

Has your dog ever been to Doggie Daycare?

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  • Ruby says:

    Both my dogs have been to daycare. My oldest never much cared for it. She never really learned how to share. My Rottie always did well in daycare. It’s a great outlet for dogs that need to release that energy. Both of mine used to come home and sleep for 2 days, at least. I would recommend it to anyone with a high energy dog. But please do yourself a favor, check out the facility throughout and don’t take your pup there if you don’t expect him or her to come home with a few cuts or bites. It’s just like taking your kid to daycare, they are bound to get hurt. But if it is a good facility, with good people they will be minor. Also make sure that it is a facility that requires all three shots, rabies, distemper and bordetella.

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