Disaster Preparation for Your Pets

Plan in advance to make sure your pets are safe in the event of a disaster.

Pets are the most lovable of companions, sticking with us through thick and thin. Rain or shine, or even storms and earthquakes, pets are with us all the way.  However, when disasters strike, it is important to remember that pets as well as people are affected.  Many times, cats and dogs are left behind during a disaster; they are often left stranded on rooftops or balconies during floods.

While many pets are able to survive after a disaster, sadly, some also do not make it.  To ensure that your own pets are safe and will survive a disaster, here are some tips you may employ for disaster preparation.

1. Proper identification of your pets. Make sure that all of your pets wear collars with current identification. This is important since pets can get lost during disasters; if they have proper identification, then they can be found and returned to you easily. A current photograph of your pet is often useful.

2. Find emergency shelters that accept animals. In cases of floods or earthquakes, there are times when evacuation is necessary. To ensure that your pet will not be left behind, you have to secure an emergency shelter that will allow animals.  Since many shelters require proof of vaccinations, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

3. Secure food, water and toys. You should make sure that there is enough food and water for you and your pets in times of a disaster. Also, you may want to consider a favorite toy for your pet since pets can become emotionally upset, and a familiar item can be soothing.

4. Prepare an emergency kit. Your emergency kit must contain all the necessary materials such as harnesses, bottled waters, food and canned goods. When you have cats, you should also secure litter and a litter tray. Also, your kit must have blankets to act as coverings and for easy transport for animals.  Ensure that you already have a proper-sized carrier for each pet.

5. Never leave your pets behind. When authorities force you to do so, you should make sure that they are left in a safe shelter. Also, there should be a sufficient food and water supply for them to survive.

Pets need proper guidance and support whenever disaster strikes. Prepare ahead of a disaster and this will guarantee the safety and survival of your loved ones, including your pets.

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