Does Your Dog Need Boots?

Dog boots can help protect your dog's paws from winter snow and summer heat.

While the thought of dog boots may conjure up images of overly pampered pooches, boots for your dog may actually be useful in some situations. Here are some reasons your dog might benefit from dog boots:

  • If you live in a cold climate, dog boots can protect your dog’s pads from snow, ice and road salt.  Boots will keep the paws clean, dry and free of mud.
  • Similarly, in the summer months, dog boots can protect your dog’s pads from the hot pavement which may burn your dog’s feet.
  • If your dog has an injury to his paw, paw pad or to a nail, boots can protect the injured foot until it has healed.

When choosing boots for your dog, take time to ensure the boots fit your dog correctly. It can take your dog some time to become used to having the boots on his feet.  You can try putting the boots on just the front feet until he becomes used to the sensation.  Start with short walks to help break the boots in, and praise him when he does well.

Keep in mind that one method that dogs use to stay cool is by sweating through their paws. If you use boots during the warmer months, make sure to use lightweight, breathable boots and do not leave them on for prolonged periods.

Have you tried boots on your dog?

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  • Jennifer Hill says:

    What about knit boots w a soft leather sole? Do u think they would be more comfortable & last at all? The soles could come up the sides of the foot, as in people slippers. If toenails were kept trimmed, I think they might work.
    It would be fun to try, anyway. I have some soft, pliable leather from my old medieval shoes… hmmm! Jennifer

  • Abby PetMeds Pro says:

    No harm in trying! The hard part will be figuring out how to make sure they stay on.

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