Dog Mobility Devices

Dogs may lose mobility from injury, after surgery, or simply due to old age. Dogs with weakness or pain in the hind legs may have difficulty standing, walking or climbing stairs. Did you know that there are products specially-designed to help provide walking and standing support for your dog? Mobility aids are best for use with dogs that have enough mobility and strength in either the front or back legs to support themselves; the sling can then be used to provide support to the other two legs.

A rear dog lifting harness lifts your dog’s hips and abdomen, providing support to the rear legs and allowing your dog to move about while you support your dog’s hind quarters. Consider a full body dog lifting harness if your dog requires more generalized, overall body support, or suffers from arthritis causing painful joints.

A pet mobility device can help your dog maintain a more normal life, allowing him or her freedom to move about and get beneficial exercise with a little assistance and support. Most dogs adjust quickly to mobility aids.

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