PetMeds Spotlight: Dog Ownership Classes

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on Dog Ownership Classes.  Tired of your dog walking you?  Want to know how to choose the right dog food? Would you like to learn how to trim their nails so you don’t have to pay someone else?  Having trouble teaching your dog to do their business outside?  Hate that your dog won’t come to you when called, or have a dog with bad manners such as jumping up on people?

A dog ownership class is definitely the answer.  The goal is to have fun with your dog.  Effective communication is necessary to instruct what you want them to do, and where to do it.

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy as well as yourself.  look for classes being taught using positive reinforcement methods.  Obedience training is the foundation for solving any problem.  Learn indispensable information on how dogs think and this will allow you to better understand your dog.

Upon completion of the series of classes, you should be able to:  know how to prepare your dog before a training session, describe basic routines you can teach a dog, describe how to properly set the environment for the dog in order to maximize training, describe the best ways for teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and come, and be able to summarize general first aid precautions and items you should have on hand for emergencies.

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  • Victoria Williams says:

    I need to attend a dog owner class’s can you please tell me were and when I live in Brawley CA asap.

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