PetMeds Spotlight: Dog Toys

Today’sPetMeds Spotlight is on Dog Toys.  There are a variety of toys to choose from, both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor toys are generally meant to keep the dog engaged to keep it out of trouble.  From chew toys to puzzle toys, they are meant to keep an active dog busy, and away from other things it might do to seek attention.  When choosing an inside toy for your dog, be sure to pay attention to the size of the toy and what it’s made of.  A toy that is destroyed easily may have stuffing that can harm your pet if ingested.  The puzzle toys are generally made of a hard plastic that will hide a treat inside, this will keep them engaged for hours.

Outdoor toys are generally made for you and your pet.  Frisbees, balls, or other fetch toys are designed for retrieval, and may not suit every breed.  Floppy frisbees are great because as your pet is learning to catch, there wont be any damage to their teeth or gums.  Balls are always great, and fetch toys like ropes with knots, or water toys are especially fun for the outdoors.

The important thing to keep in mind is have fun!

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