Dog Treats From China Causing More Than Just Upset Stomachs

Chicken Jerky treats made in China have been reported to cause illness in dogs.

Dog treats from China have again made the news and, once again, it is not something to be happy about.  Product recalls of merchandise from China are familiar these days, from toys and plastic wares to food and pet treats.   The current cause for alarm to pet owners is because of reports that their pet’s favorite chicken jerky has made them ill.

A very similar incident occurred last March of 2007, when pet foods were found to be tainted with melamine.  This resulted in a recall of pet foods suspected of contamination.

The Latest Contamination Issue

The current problem faced by the FDA and veterinarians concerns a new wave of contaminated products coming from China in the form of chicken jerky pet treats.   The past year, pet owners have reported and consulted with their vets that their pet’s treat seems to be the cause of illness.

Chicken-flavored pet foods marketed as “strips,” “treats” and “tenders” are making dogs suffer symptoms like lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination and/or water consumption.  More and more pet parents have reported that such symptoms have occurred after their pets have eaten such a treat.  However, the total number of reported cases was not enough for the FDA to issue a food recall.

The FDA: Unknown Cause

Because of the rising number of dogs suffering from poisoning, the FDA did studies to determine the real cause of the problem.   While the warning they gave did not provide a solution, they remind pet owners to take their pets to the vet as soon as any symptoms develop because there have been some reports of death.

If you see any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should notify your vet so he can run tests to determine whether there is kidney failure or some other syndrome that needs immediate medical attention.  Veterinarians will provide medical care for your pet, and of course any remaining treats should immediately be removed.

If your pet has been feeling lethargic after eating some chicken jerky treats, you can also report this to the FDA.  The FDA website allows for fast reporting of chicken jerky poisoning; the site also has links to the Easy Reporting Portal of the FDA as well as to the State Consumer Complaints Coordinators.

To be on the safe side, you may wish to refrain from getting pet foods or pet treats from China.

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  • Robert Hickman says:

    Checked on the FDA website and could only find a warning that was issued in Dec 2008, Is this still a problem??

  • Amanda says:

    what are the names of these treats????

  • Amy Wood says:

    I have had my dog to the vet twice for all the symptoms listed above. We buy her these treats from Costco on a regular basis. We will certainly not be purchasing anymore of these treats from Kingdom Pets the all natural ingredients Chicken Jerky.

  • Robert Hickman says:

    Went to the FDA website and only found a warning about chicken strips from China that was issued in Dec 2008. Is there still a problem with Chinese chicken strips? What about duck strips?

  • holly lu conant rees says:

    we just lost our great-hearted bruna, almost certainly as a result of chicken jerky treats, which we had no idea were imported from china, nor that there are 100s of reports of illnesses and deaths associated with these products. we had just opened a bag of these treats–the company used to be called waggin train, but apparently after the first wave of incidents, they not only changed their name (to canyon creek ranch) but have the phrase “an american company” emblazoned on the front of the pkg–it’s only on the back that the microscopic words “made in china” appear. pls tell everyone you know who has a dogly family member, & consider signing the petition below to ban these deadly items.

  • Trish says:

    Do a Google search for “American Made Pet Treats”. There are many other choices than to by the treats from China. The ones from China may be the least expensive, but the real cost may be the life of your pet. I’ll never take that chance – my neighbor lost their beautiful 5 month old puppy to these disgraceful products. Please always buy American made AND American SOURCED products. The life of your pet depends on it.

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