PetMeds Spotlight: Dog Walking Etiquette

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on dog walking etiquette.  There are a few things to consider when walking your dog.  The first thing we will look at is where.  Dogs shouldn’t be walked in a landscaped area; the place where a homeowner may spend his Sunday, or expects people to walk into the home should be considered off limits.  Choosing a main street with a sidewalk would fall better into a category of where people shouldn’t be barefooted.

Which brings up the second etiquette consideration, picking up after the dog.  Tying a bag around the leash and not using it doesn’t count.  It should be picked up every time, see April 25th post.

I think the last dog walking etiquette universal consideration should be controlling your dog.  Proper socialization of pets and people can be a tricky thing if you have two dogs at two very different stages.  Stop walking and ask the person about approaching if you think your pet may not interact well with theirs.  Some people will automatically walk off the sidewalk into the street if they want to keep moving. Keep in mind vaccinations, and a Capstar flea tablet when going to areas that other dogs frequent.

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