PetMeds Spotlight: Choosing the right Pet Gate

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on choosing the right Pet Gate. There are some commonly overlooked characteristics when it comes to picking a pet gate. Placement of the gate, spacing of the bars, and mounting are a few things to consider with this addition to your home.

Consider the area your trying to restrict, or allow access to, when considering the gate. Depending on the layout of your living area, it may be simpler to allow access to certain parts and cutting off certain areas to achieve the goals you have in mind when choosing a gate.

If you have a smaller pet, it’s important to consider the spacing of the bars when it comes to the door of the gate. A space that a pet can squeeze it’s head through may cause harm to your pet when your not looking, or at a time of extreme excitement.

Mounting the gate is another consideration. With smaller dogs, a pressure mounted system may be the easiest installation where rubber feet are pressed against the wall keeping the gate upright.  Larger dogs that might press against the gate with great pressure, a mechanically fastened gate may be a better option. Never mount a gate at the top of a set of stairs.

All these options can make living with your pet more pleasant in dealing with a range of issues.

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