Don’t Let Your Dog Kiss This Toad!

Cane Toads, also known as Marine Toads (Bufo marinus) are large land toads which were originally imported to control agricultural sugar cane pests; it is now considered an invasive species.  The Cane Toad has parotid glands which secret a poison which is toxic to dogs or cats if ingested.  Cane Toads can be found in Florida, Texas and Hawaii.

Dogs become poisoned after a biting or mouthing a Cane Toad.  When the dog places the toad in the mouth, this triggers the release of the toxin. Signs of poisoning may include drooling or foaming at the mouth, redness inside the mouth, shaking of the head, pawing the mouth, and vomiting.

If you suspect your dog has become poisoned by a Cane Toad, you should immediately rinse his mouth with lots of water; be sure to point the water stream forward so your dog will not swallow the water. You can also gently wipe the inside of your dog’s mouth to remove the slimy toxins. While you are doing this, have someone contact your vet immediately.

Cane Toads commonly live near water, and are most active in the evening. They  will eat pet food, so don’t leave any pet food outside.  If you live in an area which has Cane Toads, supervise your pet when he is outside.

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