Don’t Let the Holidays Stress Your Cat

For most of us, Christmas is an exciting time filled with happiness, special traditions, cooking, opening gifts and spending time with friends and family. But what may seem like pleasant bustle to you can be stressful for many cats. More than anything, cats love routine, and any disruption to their orderly lives can have a negative effect your cat’s sense of security. Even seemingly small changes can be upsetting, especially to older cats which have a more difficult time adapting to changes. Because cats are so acutely sensitive to their surroundings, stress can actually affect your cat’s health and well-being.

According to an Ohio State University study, “Healthy cats were just as likely as chronically ill cats to refuse food, vomit frequently and leave waste outside their litter box in response to changes in their routine.”  Cats that experienced changes or disruption in their normal routines had more than three times the risk of exhibiting these “sickness behaviors.”

It’s fine to enjoy the festivities, but take a few minutes to make it less stressful for your cat. If you plan on having visitors, set aside a quiet room that your cat can retreat to. Be sure to include food and water, your cat’s litter box, a comfy bed and a few toys to keep her entertained.  Consider trying a safe, holistic remedy such as Be Serene which is a flower essence formula that helps dogs and cats cope with emotional stresses.

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